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Meet the Kairos Travel Provence Based Team

Philip Haslett 


Drawing on 25 years experience in the tourism industry in France, Philip has a deep understanding of the world of the discerning international traveller. His experience as a tour guide, hotel barge captain and director and commercial hot air balloon pilot across France provides a background shared by few. 

Philip was born in England to a French mother and English father, it was there that he started his schooling. At the age of 10, following his father, a master mariner, he spent his formative years in Singapore. At that time travelling was simply a part of life that would soon become a passion. 
After leaving school in 1986 , during his year off before university, he crewed on a 67ft schooner from Scotland to the Caribbean. Upon his return, still biding time before further education in the family home in Burgundy, he got a job as a balloon ground crew, then as deckhand on a hotel barge and his one year off became two and then three... 
However, over the next years a very different career than the one he had planned unfurled, as he worked for the worlds leading hot air balloon companies, and the best in the world of hotel barging. 
He has since ballooned over all of France and the Swiss Alps clocking up over 1500 hours flight time, and has captained luxury hotel barges in Burgundy, Loire Valley, Rhone Valley, Provence and the Camargue. As a tour guide he has worked across France. He now lives in Provence with his wife and three children.

Philip is also an accomplished cook, an enthusiastic sailor, an avid reader and a passionate but not very skilled fly fisherman. He continues to fly balloons, and has recently started fixed wing flying.
His love of France, life and travel is contagious, so come along and catch the bug!

Emmanuelle Haslett

Emmanuelle hails from the beautiful Loire Valley, where she spent her childhood in the village of Rigny Ussé famed for its fairy tale castle. It was here that she met Philip in 1990.
She worked as a para-legal for a law company for many years, before a major career change when she came to join Philip in the tourism world. Working as a stewardess and then housekeeper on luxury hotel barges in France with Philip, she then went on to take the job of operations manager for the company in France.

The arrival of new members of the family put her professional career on hold, and an altogether different challenge raising three small children became her full time occupation! Now the little ones are growing fast and Emmanuelle has joined Philip in this adventure. Her sense of organisation, and her management expertise guarantees the smooth running of tours, and of the business as a whole.

Emmanuelle's enthusiasm and professionalism is a driving force for all those that work with her. 

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