Why Kairos?

Why Kairos?

So what does Kairos mean?

When growing up, Kairos has always been a common word in company director Philip Haslett's world, it was the name of one of his grandfathers motor yachts, and it was from here that after much searching and consultation within his family that the name came for the company came to be.

Kairos is one of the two Greek words that designate time, the other being Chronos. Chronos is linear time, whereas Kairos is a moment in time that passes. You may choose to ignore it, you may not notice it at all or you can grab it and see where it leads. The God Kairos has a long lock of hair on the front of his head which is there to grab hold of as he passes by!

So to resume, Kairos Travel grabs those rare moments that pass, be they chance meetings with people, or unique discoveries and shares them with you, our honoured guests!

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